This year we are welcoming all walk-ins. Please keep in mind that you MUST have an income of $54,000 or below a year. You MUST bring a Photo ID and Social Security Card for yourself and Social Security Cards for any dependents you wish to claim. If you do not have the required items, we will not be able to process your return.
Taxpayers may walk in anytime during our operating hours (8am-2pm), however in order for your return to be processed, you MUST arrive before 12:30pm to be served on a first come, first available basis. Our last return will be accepted no later than 1pmPlease bring all of your documents with you. If you have a document that you have a question about or are not sure about, please bring it with you and our qualified volunteers will answer your questions. Be prepared to wait as our volunteers carefully prepare and process other tax returns.  
  • No prior year (only 2019 tax returns) or amended returns (1040X).
  • No decendents' income tax returns will be prepare
  • Only Schedule C-EZ will be prepared (not Schedule C). This includes a limit for expenses of $5,000. (1099-MISC)
What to Bring/Required Items
  1. Social Security card.
  2. California DMV Driver's License or CA Identification Card.
  3. Prior year tax return.
  4. Health insurance cards, or proof of health insurance (if applicable)
  5. All income documents (Please receive all income documents prior to making an appointment at our site. If you are missing any documents, we will not be able to prepare your return).
  6. Proof of expenses (if applicable).
  7. Any other documents required to prepare an accurate return.
  8. Bank Account Routing Number and Account Number for either Direct Deposit of your refund or Direct Withdraw for any balance due. You may also use a Voided check for this information.
We do not prepare the following items: 
  • Form 1040 NR
  • Married Filing Separately
  • Multi-State Returns
  • Renew ITINs (Individual Tax-Payer Identification Number)
  • Schedule D (Capital Gain Transactions) Any Form with 1099-B Proceeds & K-1 Forms
  • Schedule E (Rental Real Estate)
  • Schedule F (Farm Income)

For any questions or concerns, please email Steven Valdes at

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