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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Introduction to Screenwriting
Course Number: R-TV 18
Course Objectives:
  • Analyze scripts for proper story construction, character development, and overall structure.
  • Define the role of agents and Writers Guild of America in the marketing of scripts.
  • Write and perform "pitches" to professional audiences.
  • Write television scripts (film style) by a process that will include a synopsis, step outline, treatment, rough draft, and final draft to current professional standards.
  • Define the role and tasks of the screenwriter.
  • Apply the principles of characterization plot, structure, dialogue, and story development
  • Classify various script formats for television writing, including film and videotape.
  • All upper level RTV program students will know how to assess their own skills for potential career paths.
  • All RTV program students will have an increased awareness of skills required for full-time work in the entertainment industry.