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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: General Physics with Calculus
Course Number: PHYS 6A
Course Objectives:
  • Perform experiments in the areas of mechanics, fluids, and thermodynamics, oscillations and waves using the scientific method.
  • Measure a variety of quantities such as length, time, mass, and temperature using appropriate tools.
  • Analyze and evaluate measured data for accuracy and consistency.
  • Construct relationships between physical quantities in the areas of mechanics, fluids, and thermodynamics using experimental results.
  • Collect experimental data and perform data manipulation and analysis using the proper software.
  • Communicate the results of measurements and of subsequent data analysis, including appropriate use of error propagation, units and significant figures.
  • Relate the results of experimental data to the physical concepts discussed in the lecture portion of the class.
  • Integrate diverse physics principles and apply them to problem solving in mechanics, fluids, and thermodynamics.
  • Physics 6A students will be able to determine the velocity and acceleration of a body using calculus.
  • Physics 6A students will be able to draw a correct rigid body diagram for a typical rigid body problem.