Got Questions?

Please refer to the sections below for Promise+Plus related answers. We encourage you to read through the following sections for Promise+Plus related information. You have questions, we have answers!

    • Prospective NEW Students
    • Current Promise Students
        • Since the college is closed this Spring semester due to COVID-19, will I lose my second year of benefits for not attending the required events or for not registering for English or math courses?
          Due to circumstances outside of the students control, the program will not require current Promise+Plus students to attend any events this Spring and will not penalize students for not registering for a English or math course. A second year of benefits will be awarded to those that complete their first year of college with a minimum 2.0 GPA and that submit a NEW 2020-21 financial aid application and submit any additional requested documentation. 
        • How do I know if I’m going to receive second year of benefits?
          Students that maintain term to term program eligibility will receive a second year of benefits. However early registration is only for the first year of college. Notification will be sent to through the Mt. SAC email over the Summer 2020 term.
        • Will I receive the same benefits in my second year of college that I got in the first year?
          Students that maintain their eligibility for continued benefits for their second year will receive all the same benefits with the exception of early registration. Early registration is only available for the first year.
        • How does the program notify me of things I need to do?
          Students are encouraged to check their Mt. SAC email weekly for important updates. The program sends multiple communication related to general announcements that apply to all Promise+Plus students and information specific to each student. In addition, the program makes phone calls to students that are at risk of losing benefits if they are not meeting program requirements. All program emails are important!
        • Why did I stop receiving Promise+Plus benefits?
          Students where notified via email prior to the Fall semester that explained all the program requirements. Students that do not meet all the eligibility requirements may have been disqualified from receiving future benefits. All disqualified students received email reminders of pending incomplete requirements, and are notified via email and phone calls. If the student feels disqualification it is an error, they should contact and provide their full name, student ID#, and contact number. The staff will follow up directly with the student.
        • Do I need to take English and Math each semester?
          • Students must complete two English and/or math courses within the first year (Fall, Winter, Spring) to be eligible for a second year of benefits. We recommend students register for English and/or math courses each semester.
          • Students must complete English and/or Math courses within the first year (Fall, Winter, Spring). If a student has completed English and Math during their first year, they will need to email and provide a digital copy of their Mountie Academic Plan (MAP) that shows which semester(s) they have taken the courses.
        • What are "Promise Approved Workshops"?
           These are approved workshops and events that Promise+Plus will promote to students to attend at least one during the Fall & Spring semesters in addition to meeting with a counselor.
        • Do I have to attend Promise+Plus approved events/workshops each semester?
          Yes, participation in campus events/workshops is a requirement for first year and second year benefits. To maintain eligibility. Students must attend at minimum one Promise+Plus Approved events/workshops each semester and make a counseling appointment each semester. We recommend that students work with a counselor to complete their mountie academic plan (MAP).
        • Where can I find Promise+Plus approved student success workshops?
           You can locate our Promise Approved Workshop Calendar in the "Current Promise+Plus Students" Tab on our website.  In addition, the program will email students  reminders for high demand workshops. Students must remember to check their Mt. SAC email regularly. 
        • How does Promise+Plus know which workshops I have attended?
          Depending on the workshop there are different means to verify. Please make sure you read the instructions for your chosen workshop. Some workshops send us a list of attendees, others require you state that you are Promise Student directly to the presentor, some will require that you screen shot attendance completion from your portal. Again, each is different, please read the instructions provided in the Promise Approved Workshop Calendar for each workshop. 
        • Do I have to meet with a counselor each semester?
           Yes, attending a counseling appointment is a requirement for first year and second year benefits to maintain eligibility. Students are responsible for scheduling their own counseling appointment through the semesters. To schedule and appointment with a Promise Counselor please go to the "Current Promise+Plus Students" tab. To schedule with General Counseling please visit
        • How can I schedule a counseling appointment?
           To schedule and appointment with a Promise Counselor please go to the "Current Promise+Plus Students" tab. To schedule with General Counseling please visit
        • I am part of a special program, and I met with a counselor from that program; does that count? 
          Yes. If you are currently in a student support program such as EOPS, Honors, or DREAM, we accept those appointments to meet our requirement. Counseling appointments within these programs count towards meeting this requirement.
        • Can I make any type of counseling appointment?
           The Promise+Plus program is only approving two types of counseling appointments: Phone appointments and Video appointments with a counselor. These appointments must be a full appointment, approximately 45 minutes in length. We recommend that students work with a counselor to complete their mountie academic plan (MAP).
        • What if I already met with a counselor?
          For Fall 2020 Semester,  ​if students have met with a counselor anytime between August 24, 2020 to December 11, 2020 this will count for the FALL 2020 counseling requirement. Any other date before this does not count since it was not within this semester start and end date. 
        • How will Promise+Plus know I have attended an appointment with a counselor?

           At the end of the semester Promise gathers appointment reports from counseling to verify our students completion of their counseling appointments. To help us double-check, we ask that students who meet with a counselor other than our Promise Counselors, complete the Promise Counseling Appointment Google Doc that was emailed to your Mt. SAC Email. 

        • I thought I got priority registration?
          First-Year Promise+Plus students receive EARLY registration, which is the second day of registration.
        • When do I get my new book grant and E- Card?

          Students should check their Mt. SAC email for updates. Prior to the start of each semester, students receive an email with the book grant and additional information on when to expect E-Cards in the student's Mt. SAC email address. 

          The Promise+Plus Book Grant is issued directly to you through your Financial Aid Award Package. Depending on how you set up your account it will either go directly to your bank account or be mailed directly to your home. 

          The E-Card will be sent to your Mt. SAC Email from an outside vendor. Promise+Plus will email you to inform you ahead of time when to expect your E-Card. 

        • Do I still receive my E-Card and book grant if I become part-time student?
          Yes. However, you will only receive half of the amount. Please refer to our homepage for additional details.
        • Can I use my E-Card for anything else other than groceries and school supplies?
          The E-Card is intended to support our students with the purchase of groceries and any additional school supplies only.  
        • What do I do if I lost e- card?
           Promise+Plus does not have access to your Target E-Card. You can contact the number located on the email that provided the E-Card and see if you can suspend the remaining balance. Promise+Plus is not responsible for your balances and will not provide additional funds in the event you lose your E-Card. 
        • Can I use my book grant at any bookstore?
           Yes, you can use your P+P Book Grant to purchase books at the retailer of your choice, including the SAC Book Rac (Mt. SAC bookstore).
        • My book grant did not cover the total cost of the required materials; can I get another book grant?
          Students may only use up-to the maximum cost of the book grant per semester. However, there are additional services on campus that may minimize text book costs. Visit the SAC Book Rac (bookstore) for the text book loan program or visit the library reserves section. Many professors reserve required textbooks in the library.
        • If EOPS gave me a book grant may I use it with Promise+Plus book grant?
          Students may use multiple book grants to purchase text books from the retailer of your choice. 
        • Can I keep the laptop/technology for the entire year?
          Students participating in the laptop loan program are provided with the technology each semester they are registered for 6 units or more and continue to meet the Promise+Plus Program requirements. Students meeting all program requirements (required workshops, GPA, enrollment in English or math, minimum units) that register for subsequent semesters (excluding summer) may keep the laptop for each registered term.
        • When and where do I return the laptop/technology?
          Students participating in our laptop/technology loan program are required to return all borrowed technology by scheduling an appointment with the campus Laptop Loan Program or directly through the campus Help Desk (909) 274-4357 (HELP).
        • What if I have holds?
          Please click on the hold for a description of the hold on the student portal. Promise+Plus does not place any holds on student records. However, if the student participated in the laptop loan program and did not return the technology by return date, student will need to contact the Help Desk directly at (909) 274-4357 (HELP) to schedule an appointment to return the technology.
        • What happens if I fall below a 2.0 GPA?
          • This is a minimum GPA requirement to stay eligible to receive benefits.
          • Students on academic probation, must complete a student success workshop through the counseling department to be able to register for courses. By completing this workshop, students will be conditionally accepted to receive benefits for the term.
          • It is mandatory for students to finish their first-year of college with a minimum 2.0 GPA to receive a second year of benefits.
        • Will I receive a hot spot for my second year of college?
          Internet and hot spots are provided through the campus Laptop Loan Program and are provided based on availability. 
        • What happens if I damage/ lose my charger, hot spot or laptop/iPad?
          Please contact the Help Desk at (909) 274-4357 (HELP) to report lost technology, to schedule an appointment to have damaged equipment repaired or to return the technology.
        • How can I meet with Promise+Plus staff?
          Email .Current Promise+Plus students are encouraged to always include their full name and ID# when requesting specific information about their personal records. For general program questions call (909)274-5906.