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Rental Prices
Textbook rentals are only available in-store.
2017 Summer Textbook Rentals
Listed alphabetically by course.

GARDNER CRIMINAL EVIDENCE 9781285459004 ADJU 4 HEARD $223.35 $158.60 $112.00 $79.00
SILVERTHORN HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY 9780321981226 ANAT 36 BORUP $170.00 $160.20 $85.00 $80.00
LARSEN ESSENTIALS OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 9780393938661 ANTH 1 ALL $123.75 $87.85 $62.00 $44.00
LEVAY DISCOVERING HUMAN SEXUALITY 9781605352756 BIOL 15H HOGGAN $124.95 $94.65 $62.00 $47.00
TIMBERLAKE CHEM: INTRO TO GEN. 9781269922982 CHEM 10 ALL $120.00 $85.20 $60.00 $43.00
ROBERTSON SAFETY, NUTRITION, + HEALTH 9781305088900 CHLD 64 $183.30 $130.15 $92.00 $65.00
ALLEN EXCEPTIONAL CHILD 9781285432373 CHLD 68 HUGHEY $122.40 $86.90 $61.00 $43.00
DOWNING ON COURSE 9781305397477 COUN 2 SANTACRUZ $123.35 $87.60 $62.00 $44.00
SUKIENNIK CAREER FITNESS PROGRAM 9780321979629 COUN 5 MBUTHI $108.00 $76.70 $54.00 $38.00
BRANDON PARAGRAPHS AND ESSAYS W/READ. 9781133309994 ENGL 67 ERICKSON $164.00 $116.45 $82.00 $58.00
COLOMBO REREADING AMERICA 9781457699214 ENGL 1A MATTOON $74.00 $52.55 $37.00 $26.00
ANKER REAL ESSAYS WITH READINGS 9781457664366 ENGL 1A STRAW $102.00 $72.40 $51.00 $36.00
THROOP REACHING YOUR POTENTIAL 9781435439733 FCS 41 ALL $148.00 $105.10 $74.00 $53.00
GREINER VISUALIZING HUMAN GEOGRAPHY 9781118526569 GEOG 2 GORCIK/LOBB $148.00 $105.10 $74.00 $53.00
LUTGENS FOUNDATIONS OF EARTH SCIENCE 9781269449441 GEOL 8 ALL $106.40 $74.25 $53.00 $37.00
FONER GIVE ME LIBERTY!, BRIEF 9780393920321 HIST 1 RIETKERK, HUNT $89.35 $63.45 $45.00 $32.00
FONER GIVE ME LIBERTY!, SEAGULL 9780393920291 HIST 1 WILSON GONZALEZ $78.65 $55.85 $39.00 $28.00
ACUNA  OCCUPIED AMERICA 9780205880843 HIST 40 CHAVEZ $109.00 $77.40 $55.00 $39.00
BIAGI MEDIA/IMPACT 9781305580985 JOUR 100 DEPAOLA $241.00 $171.10 $121.00 $86.00
TOBEY BASIC COLLEGE MATHEMATICS 9780134266358 LERN 48/49 ALL $136.00 $96.55 $68.00 $48.00
CARSON PREALGEBRA 9781256717607 MATH 50 ALL $123.40 $87.60 $62.00 $44.00
MESSERSMITH BEGINNING ALGEBRA 9781259724572 MATH 51 ALL $155.20 $106.05 $78.00 $53.00
BLITZER INTERM. ALGEBRA 9780134189017 MATH 71 ALL $133.35 $94.70 $67.00 $47.00
LIAL COLLEGE ALGEBRA 9780134307015 MATH 130 ALL $166.65 $118.30 $83.00 $59.00
LIAL TRIGONOMETRY 9780134307008 MATH 150 ALL $166.65 $118.30 $83.00 $59.00
SULLIVAN PRECALCULUS 9780321978981 MATH 160 ALL $160.00 $113.60 $80.00 $57.00
TORTORA MICROBIOLOGY: INTRO 9780321928924 MICR 22 ALL $228.55 $162.25 $114.00 $81.00
CHARLTON ROCK MUSIC STYLES 9780078025181 MUS 15 ALL EX ALVERSON $130.00 $99.40 $65.00 $50.00
TRUJILLO ESSN. OF OCEANOGRAPHY 9781323409848 OCEA 10 ALL $124.65 $88.50 $62.00 $44.00
RUGGERIO BEYOND FEELINGS 9780078038181 PHIL 8 LLOYD $113.35 $80.50 $57.00 $40.00
DENISE GREAT TRADITIONS IN ETHICS 9780495094982 PHIL 12 WOLDE-YOHANNES $198.00 $140.60 $70.00
REED CONTRACT FOR PARALEGALS 9780135109458 PLGL 39 LAHR-DOLGOVIN $159.40 $113.15 $80.00 $57.00
BOYD LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT 9780133805666 PSYC 14 LAUB $229.80 $163.15 $115.00 $82.00
COMER FUNDAMENTALS OF ABNORMAL PSYC 9781464176975 PSYC 19 NOLAN MARIAN $209.35 $148.65 $105.00 $74.00
KING HUMAN SEXUALITY TODAY 9780205988006 PSYC 26 JONEJA $151.75 $107.75 $76.00 $54.00
GRISON PSYCHOLOGY IN YOUR LIFE 9780393265156 PSYC 1A SHAW $140.00 $99.40 $70.00 $50.00
KALAT BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY 9781305105409 PSYC 1B BLACKSHER, TATE $305.00 $216.55 $153.00 $108.00
GROSS ELECTRONIC MEDIA 9780073526164 R-TV 1 SMITH $240.65 $170.85 $120.00 $85.00
MACIONIS SOCIOLOGY 9780205985609 SOC 1 MORALES BEASLEY $187.80 $133.35 $94.00 $67.00
ADLER INTERPLAY 9780199390489 SPCH 26 WILLIS $104.50 $74.20 $52.00 $37.00
You must be enrolled in the course you are renting the textbook for.
Quantities are limited. Prices subject to change.
Rental Advantages

1. Supported by Associated Students

The Associated Students support the Mt. SAC Book Rental Program and highly encourage all faculty to support
this program as well.

2. No Waiting for Your Book to Arrive

Students can come in to the Bookstore and check out with the textbook they need right away.

3. Easy Rental Returns

Students don't have to bother getting the textbook boxed and mailed back. They are due the first business day after finals, so bring them back while you take your exams.

4. We Have the Correct Textbooks

Students can come into the Bookstore and check out with the textbook they need without worrying it's the wrong title.

5. Convenient One Stop Shopping

Rent a textbook, buy a textbook, get supplies, a backpack, and even a snack all in one place with one transaction.

6. You Can Use Some Forms of Financial Aid

If you have an EOPS/CARE Voucher or a rehab check, you can use it to rent your books and you’ll get more for your money.

7. Use It Like You Own It

Reasonable amounts of pencil writing & highlighting are acceptable. Condition will be determined by bookstore employees.

8. Competitive Pricing

Our rental prices are competitive with other vendors.

9. Save Up to 50% OFF the Retail Price

Save up to 50% of the purchase price of a textbook when you rent.

10. Your Money Spent on Campus
Stays on Campus.

We support Associated Students, scholarships,
athletics and much more!
Frequently Asked Questions



Can I rent any textbook?
We only offer a limited amount of titles as rentals each semester. You can view all the available titles on the list above. Books that are eligible to be rented will have a neon green price tag in-store that displays the rental price.
What is the rental fee of a textbook?
The cost of a textbook rental is 50% of the new or used retail value of the selected title.
Where can I rent a textbook?
You can rent a textbook by proceeding to the textbook rental area in the north east corner of the bookstore. There you can fill out a rental agreement and receive the book. We do not offer textbook rentals through our website.
How long am I able to rent the textbook for?
Textbook rentals are issued for the duration of the semester they are rented in.
When are textbook rentals due?
Rentals are due no later than the first business day following Finals Week. Please refer to your rental contract for the exact due date to ensure you avoid late fees.
Where do I return the textbook?
You must return your books to Sac Book Rac. DO NOT attempt to return your books to the library or textbook buyback locations, we are not responsible for any misplaced rentals. There will be a line set up for rental returns at the front of the bookstore during finals week.
What happens if I don't return the textbook?
There is a $5.00 a day late fee for five days beginning the second business day after Finals week. If the book is still not returned at the end of that week, the student will owe $25.00 in late fees and must pay the balance of the retail price as we must purchase a replacement. At that point they will own the textbook. A hold will be put on the student's records and they will not be able to register for courses the following semester until all fees are paid.
Can I pay for a rental and purchase a textbook
in one transaction?
Yes, when you receive your rental you may checkout at any one of our checkstands with all your other purchases.
Why do you need my class schedule?
We only have a limited supply of textbook rentals, so we want to ensure students who are registered in the classes that require the book are able to rent them. You must be enrolled in the class you are renting the textbook for, you can not be on the waitlist.
What if I don't have a print out of my schedule?
If you have a smartphone you can access your class schedule through Once you have logged in, click the student tab then click the "print your schedule/receipt" link. We can not access student records from our rental computers.
Can I use any ID or do you require my student ID?
You must have your college issued student ID card to rent a textbook. If you are in need of a student ID, you can also obtain it at the bookstore.
Can I use my Financial Aid?
Yes, we accept some forms of financial aid, EOPS/CARE Vouchers or rehab checks. Any tender that you can currently use to purchase your textbooks in the Bookstore can be used to rent a textbook.
Program Information

Program History

In the Fall of 2010 Sac Book Rac piloted a Textbook Rental program for the students of Mt. San Antonio College. The program began with 19 titles available for rent and 511 textbooks being rented in that first semester. Since then Sac Book Rac has now rented textbooks for 3 semesters, increasing the number of titles each semester. Most recently, in the Spring of 2011 Sac Book Rac rented over 1,700 textbooks and saved students approximately $88,000 in that semester alone. Over the course of the last three semesters combined, the Sac Book Rac has saved students a total of $121, 287. The purpose of the textbook rental program is to give students an affordable option to textbooks. The continued success of this program will require that textbooks are used for at least 4 semesters. We hope to work with faculty to insure that we can continue this program for the benefit of students' education.

The mission of the Sac Book Rac is to provide course materials for students that will assist them to be successful in their academic education.


The federal government has recognized that textbook affordability is a national issue, which affects all students. In July 2010, the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) opened a national grant competition that would award 10 grants of $1 million each to college bookstores to expand existing textbook rental programs or to begin new ones. The Sac Book Rac submitted their grant proposal along with 63 other college bookstores from across the nation. In September 2010, the Sac Book Rac was notified that it had won one of those 10 grants. The grant proposal that was submitted by the Sac Book Rac proposed that students who don't have textbooks during their first year of college may struggle with classes and not have a positive experience; therefore, they may not be successful in their classes. Our goal is to provide textbooks as rentals for classes that students take in their first year and those classes with large enrollments.

Learn more about the Fund for the Improvment of Post Secondary Education here:

Have any questions?

Don't worry, we are happy to help!
You can contact us by sending an email: Click Here
Sac Book Rac • Mt. San Antonio College
1100 N. Grand Ave. Bldg. 9A • Walnut, CA 91789
You can reach us by phone at: (909) 274-4475